DO NOT Spend KrisFlyer Miles at KrisShop

DO NOT Spend KrisFlyer Miles at KrisShop

I received an excited email from KrisFlyer today with some exciting news about KrisShop:

“We’re now giving you more ways to shop to your heart’s content on
Mix KrisFlyer miles and cash to pay for your purchases on or redeem for your item in full with your KrisFlyer miles.”

But wait, there’s more:

“What’s more, for a limited period only, enjoy a host of exclusive launch offers including free delivery, gift with purchase and more.”


I have plenty of miles so would be delighted to have a new way to spend them on exciting Singapore Airlines branded merchandise. Maybe something delightful like:


Or tasty like:


So I read on to find more details at

And there I found the details on how much a KrisFlyer mile might be worth at KrisShop:

“Every 125 KrisFlyer miles gives you approximately S$1 in spend on, subject to a minimum usage of 3,000 KrisFlyer miles per transaction.”

Yeah, so KrisShop values miles at [100cents/125miles = 0.8c/mile]. 

This is curious as Singapore Airlines will sell you miles to top up to a redemption at a rate of 1000 miles for SG$55, or [5500cents/1000miles = 5.5c/mile]

The 3000 mile minimum spend comes in at $24, which doesn’t sound like very much, but would almost buy you a Frozen lip balm set, so that’s something.


Consider that it is possible to buy miles through credit card renewals at around 2c/mile  and spend on business class redemptions at 4c/mile or more, it really is quite dismal.

As 3000 miles is almost half a Saver Economy single to Bali (7500 miles) I think I would keep saving. That said, High Tech Flight makes some good points about how you can use KrisShop to clear orphan miles though if you are still reading I hope that you are aiming to spend those miles on Business Class flights.

So unless you have 3000 miles that are about to expire with nothing else to spend them on, I suggest you give KrisShop’s generous offer a miss. Though, I cannot lie, I am quite tempted by the Boss tie. Now, is it worth 19,375 miles?

boss tie

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