EVA Star Lounge TPE Review

EVA Star Lounge TPE Review

EVA have multiple lounges scattered around TPE airport with the spacious Star Lounge dedicated for Star Alliance Gold, EVA’s Infinity Silver and Gold members and some random Taiwanese credit car holders.

tldr; The Star Lounge is pretty good.

Star Lounge Location

Head up the escalators and turn left

The lounge is airside and upstairs in the international terminal. Walk past the fancier looking Club and Garden lounges and you will reach the joint entrance to the Infinity and Star. KrisFlyer Golds on Economy or Premium Economy tickets will be politely directed left down a corridor away from the Infinity to the large, and quite nicely lit, Star.

The Lounge

There is plenty of low lounge seating placed around coffee tables, plus a few recliners tucked away in a corner for passengers on longer layovers. There is a large dining area with tables and chairs which is well setup for eating, though work could be challenging as there are limited power plugs. There is no shortage of plug sockets around the low chairs.

From the dining area you can look down onto Departures where at certain times of the day large tour groups from the mainland mill around adding to the busy airport experience.

View from Star Lounge

There is also a small office with a few Windows desktops ready for use. I think you would have to be pretty desperate to use them though due to the risk of viruses and keyboard loggers. I would treat them as a hostile environment.

Strangely lit office

On the way in are toilets and showers and even a locker room for larger bags. Take note Singapore Airlines – toilets and showers in a lounge dedicated for frequent flyers. Whatever next?

Wifi is password free and perfectly usable. I am writing this article on it!

The lounge was pretty busy when I arrived around 6pm but it quickly emptied out. There were still plenty of seats to chose from and I settled myself in the dining area to get some food.

Food and Drink


The lounge has a large buffet area supplying western and local dishes. I went straight for the Taiwanese Beef Noodles which were pretty good. I immediately followed this with Haagen Das and red wine. Like a boss.

The bar was self service and contained the standard selection of non-premium beverages. The red wine was fine and I had some Twinings tea.

I skipped the sausages
I skipped the sausages


If you are Star Gold on a regular ticket flying out of TPE there is really no reason not to go to EVA’s Star Lounge. It has plenty of comfortable seating, decent food and passable drinks. It puts Singapore Airline’s efforts for Gold members at Changi to shame.

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