What’s the best lounge in Changi T3 for economy passengers?

What’s the best lounge in Changi T3 for economy passengers?

Star Alliance Economy passengers passing through Changi Terminal 3 with Gold status and Priority Pass membership  have a choice of two neighbouring lounges to entertain themselves in – Singapore Airlines Gold Lounge or SATS Premier. On my last flight out of Changi I visited both so here we have my definitive comparative review – the lounge-off!

SATS closest to camera. Gold is at the end
SATS closest to camera. Gold is past the divider towards the end

Singapore Airlines Gold Lounge

SQ Gold

SQ Gold is upstairs in the lounge district of T3. It sits opposite  DBS Treasures and round the corner from SQ’s SilverKris Business Class lounge. [Side comment: Normally Silver comes below Gold in the pantheon of precious metals, but not in Singapore Airlines lounge designations. Gold is definitely inferior here.]

Two thirds of the Gold lounge is enclosed with mostly armchair seating, plus a few bar stools and a lonely set of table and chairs. Plug sockets are few and far between in the armchair section but well provisioned on the bar seating.



There is nice, if small, selection of hot food and, during the day, scones and cream. Drinks include excellent teas from TWG, a coffee machine and the standard selection of basic alcohol.


Tea & Scones!
Tea, scones & bread pudding!


The lounge also has a large balcony section open to the wider terminal and overlooking a beautiful koi pond.

Wifi is good.Gold

Toilets are, well, outside in the main terminal a few minutes walk away. Go before you enter. Showers are also sadly absent if you are in transit.

SATS Premier

Plaza Premium

The Premier sits next door to SQ Gold so shares some design features with the same partially enclosed section and a large open balcony within the wider terminal.

Most seating inside and out is low armchair style similar to the Gold, but there are far more power sockets available. Close to the buffet section are high bar style seats.

SATS Premier SATS Premier

Food is pretty good with a large selection of hot meals and a self service laksa station. There is tea from Twinings and coffee machine. Alcohol is the standard non-premium selection.


Wifi is mediocre. I actually got a better signal from the Gold lounge next door, but that could just have been where I was sitting. Either way it was fine for web browsing.premier

There are a row of desks along one wall which are useful for working, though you will probably want noise cancelling headphones as it is not a quiet environment.

There are also a few massage chairs if you fancy some automated poking and prodding.


Now brace yourself for a shock – this lounge has both toilets and showers! Yes, we do indeed live in a golden age of indoor plumbing.



So, welcome if you skipped straight to the end of this article – I have a conditional result:

  • If you have a day flight and want afternoon tea head straight to the Gold lounge for great TWG tea and scones.
  • At any other time head to Plaza Premium for better food, working facilities, and running water.





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