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Have you ever wanted to turn left upon entering planes, or stay at fine hotels around the world? I have found that with a small investment of time and a little ingenuity it is possible to enjoy amazing travel experiences without spending a fortune, and I want to show you how.

We will tackle this from two ends. Firstly we will discover how to earn points and airmiles, and then we will find amazing ways to redeem them.

Suite Life

SQ Suites, one of the world’s great First Class experiences and it leaves from Changi.

The points and miles game can appear bewildering as the banks, airlines and hotels often go out of their way to complexify the system and reduce their liabilities below the attention grabbing headlines.  But never fear, the system has rules and they can be turned to our advantage. First class flights and 5 star hotels can be had for budget airline and airbnb prices!

If you’re sold, lets start earning those airmiles!