Sign up for Air Miles

Sign up for Air Miles

Air miles: The currency of free luxury travel. How do you sign up for air miles and collect them?

First of all you need to sign up for an airline air miles program. If you are in Singapore then Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is the program to join. Every individual needs their own account to collect air miles, so get everyone in your family registered.

You can find the registration form online here, but before you race off two important points:

Your registered name must be the same as your passport.

If its different (i.e. Chinese/English name confusion) your miles may go missing.

Look out for KrisFlyer registration promotions

Very rarely, perhaps when the KrisFlyer Marketing Director had a very good lunch, a registration promotion is offered for new sign ups. The last one in living memory was in January 2016 and offered a chance to win 100,000 miles. Check 103 East front page before registering because if there is one active we will have covered it.

KrisFlyer Membership

Once you are registered you will receive an important 10 digit membership number. This number allows you to collect miles on flights with Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, AND any of its partner airlines in Star Alliance when you take a flight. To collect these miles all you have to do is give the airline your KrisFlyer membership number when you make the booking (there will be a space on the form) or when you checkin at the airport.

Star_Alliance_LogoStar Alliance has some great members including Thai Airways, Lufthansa from Germany and United in America. This means that almost every possible flight in the world can be taken on a Star Alliance member and earn miles to spend on ANY Star Alliance member. That’s right, KrisFlyer miles can be spent on any Star Alliance partner.

Once you have taken your first flight and earned some miles you can track your balance using the KrisFlyer website or using their new app. If you took a flight recently before signing up you can make a retroactive claim here.

Alright, you have your airline membership sorted but plane tickets do not earn many miles if you are flying in economy. To earn big miles and redeem First Class travel you need to collect miles in other ways. The next page shows you how to use credit cards to earn miles FAST!

Earning airmiles from credit cards